Reviews and Testimonials

Comments from participants parents:

"This was a wonderful experience for our daughter.  She came home every evening energized."

"SYMTW was an amazing experience for my daughter.  She took full advantage of all of the extra offerings and her growth throughout the weeks was impressive.  The show at the end of the 3 weeks rivals a professional production.  Everything from Costume design, Set design, Musical direction, Lighting, Makeup, Choreography, Acting Direction, and Sound are all done incredibly professionally.  It is a rigorous 3 weeks and much is expected of the participants.  Kids must be committed and focused, but the results are astounding.  Participants also share their love of Musical Theater with other kids….as my daughter put it “I finally found where I belong”.  She can’t WAIT to go back and see all her friends again this summer.   I would HIGHLY recommend SYMTW to anyone who is serious about Musical Theater. " 

"My child has benefited for several years from this program.  He has grown as a performing artist, developed many friendships, become a mentor to new members.  The list goes on and on."

"SYMTW is a great program and my daughter looks forward to the 3 weeks every year!  She has improved and grown so much from this program and has grown so close to the directors and kids.  It's like family to her."

"SYMTW has helped each of my children to learn life skills as well as become better performers.  SYMTW has impacted each of their lives in so many ways - increasing their self-confidence, communication skills, and making them happier and better people for having been a part of this very unique and special experience each summer."

"This program far surpasses others in the area. I hope it continues to flourish and put on professional quality shows for this community to enjoy!"

What our alumni say:

"This theater workshop was invaluable!  Infused with lots of good energy and spirit as well as outstanding direction and guidance." 

"This program is my happy place, last year was my first year and I was very nervous that I wouldn't fit in/make friends, but I did I made a tight knit group of friends, and I learned so much during the three weeks and improved so much. It's a fantastic program and I recommend it to everyone I meet!"

"I had so much fun doing this workshop, I never wanted the performances to end."